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 Spa & Welfare

Enjoy a unique relaxation experience

Each Spa & Wellness is tailor-made to meet the needs of our guests.

​NWe used 100% natural products for a privileged sensory adventure.

You will appreciate the treatments provided by our well-being professionals

  • Sauna

  • swim spa

  • Massages (by reservation)

For any information, please contact

Logo Maison Mulato

The Mulato House

Private guesthouse & Spa

From now on at Maison Mulatô, the osteopath Elodie will occupy the spa area, offering you treatments on the table but also in the water.

Time stops and gives way to letting go.

Care adapted and adaptable to any type of profile, sportsman, pregnant woman, child, baby, ...

By reservation.

The Shop: Luxurious home fragrances:

Maison Mulatô offers you scents elaborated with the greatest care, alongsidebest french perfumers.

The fragrances are designed by major Parisian perfume houses and then manufactured in Grasse.

Maison Mulatô offers you a summer collection, a winter collection.

Summer collection: The Edge of the Vegetable Garden: 120ml at €49 including tax / 250ml at €69 including tax

Let yourself be carried away in a joyful garden, an exaltation of tomato, blackcurrant and basil.

Winter collection:Lounge: 120ml at 49€ including tax / 250ml at 69€ including VAT

A very amber fragrance, supported by the action of vetiver: sublimated chic.

Produit Spa & Bien-être

Scented bed water:

The bedroom and bathroom areas havealso their own fragrance, a tenfold well-being for rest rooms in the house. Specially designed fragrances for Maison Mulatô, by perfumers chosen for their know-how.

Refreshing: Linden fragrance: 100ml at €49 including tax / 200ml at €69 including tax

relaxing: Perfume Citron: 100ml at €49 including tax / 200ml at €69 including tax

Scented candles summer/winter version: 200ml at 34€ including VAT

Soft and enveloping notes that will soon invade you.

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